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Profiles Fieldwork and Logistic Marketing Research S.A. de C.V. (from now on PROFILES) is a company committed to and respectful of the personal information rights of a natural person, recognized in the article 16 section II of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, as well as from the provisions of the Law for the Protection of Personal Data in good practice recommended for the privacy notice, therefore the following privacy notice is at your disposition, in the interests of the holder of personal data, he/she has the power to exercise their right to informational self-determination. This Privacy Notice has the purpose to strictly comply with the information principle, as well as the lawfulness, consent, quality, finality, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility principles, and to let you know of the existence and main characteristics of the treatment your personal data will be submitted to, and that you are in condition to exercise your informational self-determination, privacy and data protection rights.

Once you enter and start using the Internet portal, whose domain name is: property of PROFILES, you (the holder) declare that you are in accordance with the terms and conditions shown in this notice and you declare and grant expressly your acceptance and consent, using for this purpose electronic media, pursuant to the provisions of article 1803 of the federal civil code.

If the holder does not absolutely and completely complies with the terms and conditions of this notice, he or she should abstain himself or herself from sharing any kind of information with Profiles through any means including the website whose url is:

In case that the holder continues using partially or in a total way, such action will be consider as absolute and as an expression of acceptance of the terms and conditions stipulated in this document.

La información proporcionada se resguardará en nuestra base de datos, bajo estrictas normas de seguridad y confidencialidad y, solo tendrán acceso a los mismos personas autorizadas.

The sole usage of PROFILES’S website implies to the public holders (from now on refer as holder or holders) the full and unconditional acceptance of each and every one of the general and particular conditions included in this privacy notice in the version published by Profiles, at the exact moment that the holder logs into the page.
In the current Privacy Notice, the holder is able to know the following:

1.- Who is responsible for the processing of your personal data?

  • Profiles Fieldwork and Logistic Marketing Research S.A. de C.V. (from now on PROFILES) is responsible of the guarding and the good keeping of your personal data, under the terms of the current privacy notice. If you have been referred to by the current privacy notice it means that your data has been collected by PROFILES.

    In the same way, we inform you that our contact details for any matter related to the current privacy notice are as follow:

    Address: Ozumbilla Avenue Mz. 92 Lt. 33 C2 Colonia Los Heroes Tecamac Secc. Bosques, Municipio de Tecamac, Estado de México, C.P. 55764 Phone number: (55) 4746-9732 E-mail:

2.- Which data will undergo treatment?

  • PROFILES personally and directly collects your personal data and gives treatment to your information in order to provide you with a better market research service, public opinion and customer service through your phone number and contact email (general directory). Said collection is performed through an adequate notification and with your consent.

    If you provide any other kind of personal data related to another person for reference purposes, for the purposes of the current privacy notice, you declare and accept that you have obtained the previous corresponding consent from such person to do so.

    PROFILES can collect the information described below, which has been organized by categories for its better comprehension:

    Website: Identification Data: Name, surname, gender, age, profession, address, phone number, e-mail.


    Identification Data: Name, address, email, phone number, profession data (company name), Taxpayer Identification number (for billing).

    Financial or Property Data: Bank data (account number), for deposits.


    Identification Data: Name, address, taxpayer identification number, landline, mobile phone, e-mail, professional license, contact details from former employers.

    Financial or Property Data: Bank statements (for deposits).

    In each and every case a minimization process has been executed with the purpose of only acquiring the necessary, pertinent, correct and updated data that is related with the purpose of every treatment.

    Your data is directly collected in the following cases:

    • By electronic means through our website and email.

    Likewise, your data is collected personally:

    • Through our staff.

    The data is personally collected through our staff located in our offices in Ozumbilla Avenue, Mz. 92 Lt. 33 C2, Col. Los Heróes Tecamac, Secc. Bosques, Tecamac, Estado de México, C.P. 55764. In every case, PROFILES has implemented certain mechanisms to make the current comprehensive privacy notice, a short privacy notice or a simplify privacy notice available for you, depending on the characteristics in which your data was collected.

    In the case that your data has been directly collected, either through consensual transfer or from a public access source, we will bring the following privacy notice to your knowledge on the first time we communicate with you and before the use of your personal data; always with the possibility that you might express your opposition to such use.

3.- Which sensitive data is collected and what is it for?

  • PROFILES does not collect sensitive data from their clients.

4.- Which are the purposes of the treatment?

  • In this section you will have access to a list of the determined and objective purposes of the treatment of your personal data, which, for a better comprehension on your part, have been made without the usage of inexact, ambiguous or vague sentences.

    The information collected by PROFILES for a better understanding of your needs and interests helps us provide you with a personalized and uniform experience. With the objective of clearly informing you of the purposes of the treatment of your personal data, the Mexican regulation requires to clearly identify between the purposes that started and are necessary for the existence, maintenance and compliance of the legal relationship between the person legally responsible and the holder of the data, from those who are not (secondary purposes), for which in strict compliance of the aforementioned, we put at your disposal the different treatments that can be subjected to your personal data:

Original and Necessary Purposes:

Identification Data:

    • For the compliance of the contractual relationships with PROFILES, in which they can be treated uniquely and exclusively for the compliance of the target purposes of the established legal relationship.
    • To comply with the contract that you seek to have or that you have with us.
    • To create a database of clients, employers and suppliers.
    • To comply with the labor relations and the evaluation of candidates.
    • The creation of market studies, registries, statistics and data analysis on various subjects.
    • The creation of reports and statistics and market analysis.
    • The creation of opinion polls about products, goods, services, people, brands, commercial names or any other issue to which we request your point of view.
    • To comply with the contractual obligations we take on before our clients.
    • To contact you to participate in group sessions, in-depth interviews and/or ethnography, as participant (interviewee, respondent or informant) or as provider (recruiter or moderator).
    • Contact you through email to invite you to participate by giving us your opinion on diverse matters for the creation of market studies.

Financial Data:

  • To take care of product charges and hired services.
  • For the performance, management, electronic billing, collection, administration, usage of our services and payment of payroll.

Secondary purposes:

Identification Data:

  • Perform a service of communication to offer a better service and technical support.
  • Communicate to you our new services or benefits that might be of your interest.

In case of a change in the above-mentioned purposes, we would provide you a new privacy notice that would describe the characteristics of the treatment.

PROFILES does not make automatic processes for decision making without the intervention of a human being.

5.- Data from underage people and the unable.

  • PROFILES does not make any contracts with underage people or with people in a state of interdiction.

6.- Which are the processes that you have to follow in order to manifest your objection to the treatment of your data for the so-called 'secondary purposes'?

  • PROFILES does not perform a treatment on personal data for the so-called secondary purposes.

7.- Which are the data transfers that will be perform, Why are they performed and for who?

  • Transfers should be understood as any data communication made to a different person other than PROFILES or to people in charge of the treatment, for the purposes enlisted in number 4 of the current privacy notice as 'secondary purposes’.

    PROFILES does not make international transfers of your personal data. The national transfers we preform are as follows:

Name of the party or type, category or sector

Determined purposes:

1. Advertising Companies.

To develop advertising campaigns for the company

2. Telemarketers

To make satisfaction surveys and to grade the services that the company provides.

3. Marketing Companies

In these cases, the third party receiving the information previously assumes the same duties in respect of the handle and safety of your data, as PROFILEs instructs and as established in this privacy notice, therefore the third party receiving information is obliged to keep your personal data strictly confidential and to keep them under the same or similar protection, which will be at all times backed up by the contract of personal data transfer as in effect is hereby entered into.

PROFILES will forward your personal data to those in charge that contribute to the effective fulfillment of our services and to give a strict fulfillment to the contractual relationship that unites them, in which case, by law it is not necessary to request your consent because they are necessary procedures in order to comply with the law relation that we have with you.

8.- Acceptance from your part to such transfers.

  • PROFILES does not perform a treatment on personal data for the so-called secondary purposes.

9.- Which are the means and procedures to exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection (ARCO rights) and your right of renewal of consent?

  • You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection provided by the law or you can revoke your consent for the treatment of your data, in an easy way and with great coverage, through a phone call to the following phone number 55 4746-9732, from 9:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday.

    Nevertheless you can also exercise your ARCO rights by visiting our offices located in the following address:

    Ozumbilla Avenue, Mz. 92 Lt. 33 C2, Col. Los Heróes Tecamac Secc. Bosques, Tecamac Edo. De México, C.P. 55764.

    To exercise your right to request a withdrawal of consent, you can also send us an email to with the following text and requisites: To make your withdrawal of consent request easier, below we provide you with a text sample you can send to our email address:

    (Date and place)


    AT’N: Department of Personal Data.

    REF.- Request to exercise the right of Withdrawal of Consent

    Dear Sirs:

    Hereby I withdraw my consent to the treatment of my personal data due to (state the reasons why you wish to withdrawal your consent), for which I identify myself as ______ (Indicate which document you will be using for identification like national card, professional license or passport) All the above complies with the privacy notice of the company published on

    Kind regards,

    Name and signature of the holder of the data or his/her legal representative.

    For your own safety, in case that the request is submitted by a third party, PROFILES might request the corresponding identification document and a document that proves that the third party has the right to submit such request.

    It is important to inform you that the procedures before mentioned have been established with the purpose of easing the exercise of your rights, seeking as well coverage and security in attention to PROFILES’s client profiles and the way in which contact is held with you. The exercise of these rights is free and they are completely available.

    For your information, the person in charge of the department of protection of personal data from PROFILES, who will process your request to exercise your ARCO rights, can be contacted in the following email address:

    PROFILES will notify you in a timespan no longer than 20 working days since the date in which you requested the access, rectification, cancelation and objection, as well as the renewal of consent and the adopted determination. If it is appropriate, such request will be effective within 15 working days following the date in which the results were notified.

    The means by which the answer will be communicated will be specialized courier, direct delivery through our offices and/or email. In all cases acknowledgement of receipt shall be collected.

    PROFILES can deny the access to your personal data or it can perform the rectification or cancelation or grant the objection to treatment of the data in the following cases:

    • When the applicant is not the holder of the personal data, or its legal representative, or when the applicant is not lawfully accredited to such request.
    • When our data base does not contain the personal data of the applicant;
    • When the rights of a third party are affected;
    • When there is a legal impediment or the resolution of a competent authority that restricts the access of the personal data, or that it doesn’t allow the rectification, cancelation or objection of them; and
    • When the rectification, cancelation and objection has been previously granted.

    The refusal to which this article refers to can be partial in which case PROFILEs will give the access, rectification, cancelation or objection requested by the holder. In all the above-mentioned cases, PROFILES will notify you the reason of the decision made or it will, in due case, notify the legal representative in the established timespan by the same mean in which the application was processed. In case that you feel affected by the emitted resolution, you have the action of protection of rights before the Federal Institute of Access of Public information and data protection available.

10.- Which are the options and means available to limit the usage or disclosure of your data?

  • We are a company that honors personal data protection of the different parties involved in our different processes. Therefore, we inform you that the way in which you can limit the usage or disclosure of your personal data is through our email:
  • In the same way, PROFILES has created its own exclusion listings that constitute the database that has as a purpose to register for free the refusal of the holder to the treatment of his/her personal data, in the exercise of his/her rights of cancelation, objection or withdrawal of consent. For more information on our exclusion listings, you can contact the personal data protection department at

11.- Which are the remote electronic communication mechanisms that collect your data automatically?

  • Cookies are text files that are downloaded automatically and stored in a hard drive from the computer equipment from the user when he/she surfs the net in an specific webpage, they allow the server to remember some data about the user, among them, your shopping preferences for the visualization of the webpages in that server, name and password.
  • Web beacons are images inserted in a webpage or email that can be used to monitor the behavior of a visitor, as well as store information like the user's IP address, the time the user spent in such webpage and the type of web browser the user used, among others.
  • We inform you that we use cookies and web beacons to obtain personal information about you, such as: i) The type of web browser and the operating system you use; ii) the webpages you visit previously or after entering into Profiles’s webpage; iii) the links you follow and the time spent in our page; iv) your IP address; v) the place from which you are visiting our webpage and the surfing statistics.
  • The cookies and other technologies can be disabled. You can search information about the well-known browsers and find out how to adjust your preferences for cookies in the following webpages:
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer:

    Mozilla Firefox:

    Google Chrome:

    In the case that you will be using cookies, the help bottom on the tools bar of most browsers will tell you how to avoid accepting new cookies, how to notify you when the browser receives a new cookie or how to enable cookies.

12.- Which are the procedures and means through which we will inform you of the changes in the privacy notice?

  • PROFILES reserves the right to make notifications and updates to the current privacy notice, nevertheless it has the obligation to inform you, as the holder of the personal data being treated, of the publication of the new versions of the privacy notice through any of the following means of communication:
    • a) It is webpage located in or email to any of the addresses that you have registered with us.
    • b) Notices located in visible places outside the offices of the company and of customer service;
    • c) In written sent to any of the addresses registered in out database.

13.- Exclusion of responsibility.

  • Our webpage could contain links; hyperlinks, hypertexts, banners, bottoms and/or search tools that once they are clicked on, they might take you to other portals or webpages that might be the property of third parties. PROFILES dos not control such sites nor it is responsible for the privacy notices that they hold or the lack of them. The personal data that the users submit to different webpages other than ours are the responsibility of the holder; therefore the verification of the privacy notice on each site is advised.

14.- Security and Confidentiality of Information

  • PROFILES has implemented technological protection measures of the personal data that it treats. In the same way, we run reasonable physical, electronic and administrative procedures to protect your personal data against accidental or illegal destruction, loss or accidental alteration and disclosure or non-authorized access, nevertheless, and in spite of having safer tools everyday; Internet transfers are never a 100% safe, therefore once we have received your data we will do everything in our power to keep it safe, and in case of vulnerability you will be immediately notified with the purpose that you might have the opportunity to take the relevant security measures.

15.- Contact Us.

  • Do not hesitate to contact PROFILES in case of having any queries, comments or suggestions related to our practices in the treatment of personal data described in this privacy notice, you can contact us through a message to the Privacy Official of PROFILES on the following email address:


Date of last update: February 5th 2015, for the compliance of the privacy notice guidelines (DOF. 17 de enero de 2013).